K-1&QUINTET Joint Event- new direction to K-1

In the world of martial arts, few tournaments hold the prestige and excitement of K-1. Over the years, it has firmly established itself as a leading platform for showcasing the talents of fighters across different weight classes. Recently, the K-1 Producer, Kikuta, and CEO Ohki made groundbreaking announcements that are set to revolutionize the tournament and expand its reach to a global audience.

Kikuta expressed his vision for the future of K-1, stating that while the tournament has traditionally been held in Japan, the time has come to take it overseas and create fresh, innovative content. This move aims to attract new audiences and create opportunities for fighters from around the world to participate in this prestigious event.

Ohki, the CEO of K-1, echoed Kikuta’s sentiments and proclaimed the opening of the tournament’s second chapter. He highlighted K-1’s success in firmly establishing the mid-lightweight genre and now looks forward to expanding its market to a global scale. The goal is to introduce the mid- and lightweight-class K-1 to audiences worldwide.

Looking ahead, K-1 plans to organize the heavyweight division under the name “K-1 WORLD GP” and the -75kg and under category, under the name “K-1 WORLD MAX.” Regional qualifiers for the “WORLD GP” will take place around the globe, while “WORLD MAX” will primarily focus on Japan due to its abundance of talented athletes. This restructuring is aimed at providing a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to the tournament.

Furthermore, K-1 is partnering with striking organizations, such as KOK, worldwide to hold a world qualifier in 2024. This step is expected to make the K-1 WORLD MAX even more exciting, setting the stage for a global tournament after 2024.

This collaboration aims to exchange fighters and further enhance the reputation of K-1 as a premier destination for top martial artists. Kyokushin Kaikan director Shoku Matsui emphasized the wealth of talent they have in various weight classes, eager to make their mark in K-1.

During a recent program, K-1 champions and contenders expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming events. Toshin Kuroda, the Bantamweight Champion, revealed his desire to carry the K-1 legacy by facing foreign opponents and proving himself as a true world champion. Taito Gunji, the Featherweight Champion, spoke of his ambition to compete against the best fighters globally and establish himself as the strongest featherweight.

Leona Pettus, the Super Featherweight Champion, shared her readiness to take on the world after a string of victories against formidable Japanese opponents. Masashi Kumura, who has a super bantamweight title match ahead, remains steadfast in his goal of becoming the strongest in the world and proving that K-1 stands tall among all standing martial arts competitions.

In closing, Kikuta P summarized K-1’s ambitious mission: “From Japan to the world, that is our watchword.” With the upcoming changes and collaborations, K-1 is poised to captivate fans worldwide and solidify its position as one of the most dynamic and thrilling martial arts tournaments on the planet. The second chapter of K-1 promises to be an exhilarating journey of global expansion and electrifying matchups, cementing its legacy for years to come.

More information: ReBOOT|K-1 & QUINTET 共同イベント|2023.9.10 YOKOHAMA (rebootkq.com)

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