British rap star and actor reveals shock talks to fight Floyd Mayweather as Eddie Hearn teases UK venue

RAPPER Bugzy Malone has revealed shock talks to fight Floyd Mayweather.

The British recording artist – real name Aaron Daniel Davies – boxed as a teenager after coming out of prison.

Bugzy Malone has revealed talks to fight Floyd Mayweather
Bugzy Malone has revealed talks to fight Floyd MayweatherCredit: @TheBugzyMalone
Mayweather continues to box in exhibition bouts
Mayweather continues to box in exhibition boutsCredit: Rex

He remains a big fan of the sport and is friends with professional fighters Lyndon Arthur and Zelfa Barrett.

Bugzy – who made his acting debut in Guy Ritchie’s 2019 movie The Gentlemen – continues to train in boxing as part of his fitness regime.

But in his most recent track, released on GRM Daily, the musician teased fight talks with unbeaten legend Mayweather.

And during a guest appearance on Eddie Hearn’s No Passion, No Point podcast, he was probed on the callout.

Hearn said: “I’ve got to say, working in the boxing industry we hear everything and the one thing we keep hearing about is you fighting.

“Floyd Mayweather’s name gets banded around now and then, Manchester Arena. What’s going on?

“I know you’d love to do it, wouldn’t you?”

Bugzy got a message from a “supporter” of his with the opportunity to work with a private jet company.

The owner of the firm then revealed Mayweather is a client of his and wanted to fight the artist from Manchester.

Bugzy, 33, said: “Now, I’ve turned down a few boxing matches because a lot of what’s going on now in the boxing space is like the YouTube boxing thing.

“I’m not really interested in stepping into it, so I was like, ‘Ah, OK. Who’s your client?’ And he’s like, ‘Floyd Mayweather.’

“Flipping changed the whole conversation.”

Bugzy claimed it was Mayweather’s dad and former trainer Floyd Sr who spotted him as a potential opponent.

He said: “Before I even thought of, ‘Hold on, am I getting my head punched in there all night long?’ I just said, ‘Yeah.’

“He said, ‘Floyd Sr likes your physique, he said you look strong.’ So then we start talking to them about the weight, like, ‘What do you want me to weigh on this night?’

“And they’re like, ‘Yeah, you can come in heavier.’ And I thought, ‘Flipping heck, that gives me a puncher’s chance.'”

Mayweather, 47, officially retired in 2017 after beating UFC superstar Conor McGregor, 35, in a crossover clash.

But he has since continued to box in exhibition bouts against names from the MMA, boxing and social media world.

His last was in June 2023 against the grandson of notorious mob boss John Gotti, which he won by disqualification as a brawl broke out in the ring.

Mayweather – who topped Forbes’ rich list of the decade in 2019 with over £700m made – recently took to Instagram to announce his next exhibition would be taking place in Mexico.

And Bugzy remains open to facing the boxing great after turning down offers to fight in the past.

He said: “That Logan Paul, I reckon he’s a decent boxer, he looks OK, he’s an athlete.

“However, it looked like he caught Floyd with a shot and after it, it didn’t look like he knew exactly what to do. If I caught Floyd with a shot, I’d know what to do.

“So I’d have thought one or two things are gonna happen, I’m gonna get punched up all night and I’m not going to be able to touch him or I do touch him, if I touch him, I hurt him.

“If I hurt him, with the right training I reckon I could follow it up with a second phase attack and potentally get him out of there.

“So I thought, feels like Floyd is still taking chances if he’s saying I can come in a bit heavier.

“Obviously, I’m a busy bee, and if I’m going to take a slot out of my life to live as a proper boxer, train for flipping 12 weeks to go in a boxing ring and risk it all, I’m going to try and make it happen.

“So in my long song I just mention it and I just say, ‘If Floyd really wants to fight, I’ll walk the walk.’

“These YouTube guys and all that, I don’t fancy putting my name next to that. If I’m going to step out of my lane it has to really make sense.”

British rap star and actor reveals shock talks to fight Floyd Mayweather as Eddie Hearn teases UK venue | The Sun

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