Thomas Glot: The science of martial arts

Thoughtful and rigorous, Thomas Glot applies some of his engineering knowledge to
the martial arts. Bodybuilding, nutrition, sleep… Nothing is left to chance on the eve of
his next fight with HEXAGONE MMA, scheduled for March 15 2024, in Poitiers.
Thomas Glot sees sport as a real science. A graduate of an engineering school, he uses
some of the concepts he studied in school textbooks in his training. “I was taught to be
methodical and rigorous. For me, martial arts is a very big project in which you have to
manage every little detail. Bodybuilding, nutrition, sleep…” At just 22 years of age, the
Frenchman shows great commitment in his approach to combat sports, without losing his
lucidity. “I started MMA when I was 13, and very quickly I knew I wanted to do this for the
rest of my life. But I also realized that a fighter’s career was very risky, and that you shouldn’t
ignore your professional life.” Pragmatic, Thomas Glot has managed to combine his
beginnings in the cage with long studies, and can now devote more time to his sporting
“Very young, I discovered the top level”.
All in all, Thomas Glot’s career development is a model of its kind. Despite his young age,
the Frenchman demonstrates experience and maturity, two qualities he owes in part to his
time with the French MMA team. “Very young, I discovered the high level. Before turning
pro, I took part in the European and world amateur championships. It’s an extremely
instructive circuit, from which I’ve learnt a lot of good things.” Tested against the best,
Thomas Glot was able to compensate for his weaknesses, and today boasts a very all-round
style, which is his main strength. “The more I progress, the more I adjust the settings.
Wrestling, groundwork, boxing… In the cage, I want my opponent to feel in danger whatever
the field. I’m a true MMA fighter!


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