Mamed Khalidov knocks out Scott Askham with a flying kick!

Mamed Khalidov (37-8-2) knocked out Scott Askham (19-6) in the main event of XTB KSW Colosseum 2.

It was the third time they have met. In December 2019, during the KSW 52 gala, the Englishman won by judge’s decision. The rematch took place almost a year later at the KSW 55 gala. Mamed effectively knocked out his rival with a high kick in the first round, taking away his championship belt.

Khalidov started with a kick. Then the fight moved to the clinch. In it, the dominant position under the net was won by Askham. The KSW legend controlled the rival. Khalidov also landed short punches from time to time. In the very end, the former champion also hunted Khalidov’s leg trying coils.

In the second round, Mamed quickly intercepted his opponent’s kick and placed him on the ground. A Pole of Chechen descent, just like in the first round, controlled and landed short punches. He also transitioned very nicely to the side position. The player of Arrachion Olsztyn had to be careful, because the rival was looking for a coil again. Khalidov smashed the Englishman’s eyebrow with a few punches. Askham also tried a foot wrench, but the opponent did not care about it. In such a strange position, the players spent a long time. Khalidov landed some backfist strikes. At the end of the round, he knocked his opponent onto his back once more.

Askham started the third round with pressure. Later, the Brit hit his opponent with a kick to the groin. There was another hit in the groin, but this time the Arrachion representative only smiled. Immediately after that, the decisive action in this fight took place. Mamed hit with a side kick and after a while he knocked out his opponent with a flying kick. There were a few more punches on the ground that finished off the opponent.

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