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yson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk at risk of being ‘PUSHED BACK’ again, says ex-world champ who slammed Brit’s Ngannou fight

TYSON FURY’S long-overdue showdown with Oleksandr Usyk is at risk of being “PUSHED BACK” again, it’s been claimed.

Fury and Usyk, 35 and 36 respectively, were initially set to throw down for all the heavyweight marbles in April but failed to finalise a suitable agreement for both parties.

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk's undisputed showdown has twice been delayed
Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk’s undisputed showdown has twice been delayedCredit: Getty
The pair are finally set to throw down for all the heavyweight marbles on February 17
The pair are finally set to throw down for all the heavyweight marbles on February 17Credit: EPA
Former unified super-middleweight champ Carl Froch reckons the fight could be delayed again
Former unified super-middleweight champ Carl Froch reckons the fight could be delayed againCredit: AP

The duo were then on course to duke it out a multi-million-pound Saudi showdown on December 23 before Team Fury pulled the plug after his horror show against former UFC champ Francis Ngannou last month.

February 17 is the new date for their long-awaited Riyadh Rumble, which Carl Froch reckons may get delayed until March if Fury enjoys himself too much over the upcoming festive period.

The former unified super-middleweight champion said on his YouTube channel: “He’s got a bit of timber on him, a bit of derby that he needs to reign in before the fight.

“I think it’s gonna be a tough one for Tyson to have a good Christmas and New Year, relax, and let his bald head down over Christmas and New Year.

“He’s got a wonderful family, we’ve seen on Netflix. He’s got a big family, his wife and seven children.

“So he’s gonna want to relax and have a good time.

“Is he going to want to be training over Christmas and New Year, which he’s going to have to do, if he’s going to be ready for the February event?

“I’m not so sure, I’ve got a feeling that fight might get pushed back until March. You heard it here first.”

Froch, like many boxing fans, is hoping Fury doesn’t enjoy too many extra helpings this holiday season and is fighting fit for the historic showdown.

The Cobra continued: “Hopefully it does happen in February.

“The Tyson FuryOleksandr Usyk fight for the unification – for the heavyweight undisputed unification fight – has to happen.

“I’m optimistic it will, I’ve just got my reservations that it’s going to happen in February.”

Froch was one of several vocal critics of Fury’s controversial crossover clash with Ngannou and, like many others, believes he was lucky to have been awarded a split-decision victory.

During an appearance on talkSPORT, he said: “You’ve got Ngannou getting in the ring last night against Fury and we’re thinking he’s making his pro debut but Fury’s the best heavyweight in the world.

“So he’s got no chance, but actually Ngannou was in the fight counterpunching, looking for the jab, he landed that left hook in round three and did he make a mockery of the current heavyweight champion?

“What did Fury do wrong? Fury may have been ill-prepared but he was still behind his jab, still throwing plenty of feints.

“But Ngannou was very, very good, I thought. Exceptionally good for a debutant and I didn’t score the fight.

“I certainly watched it, didn’t score it but you get a feel for who you think’s won the fight and with that knockdown in round three I just think Ngannou’s won that fight.”

Tyson Fury was knocked down by Francis Ngannou in their Saudi showdown last month
Tyson Fury was knocked down by Francis Ngannou in their Saudi showdown last monthCredit: GETTY

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk at risk of being ‘PUSHED BACK’ again, says ex-world champ who slammed Brit’s Ngannou fight | The Sun

Ian Machado Garry’s wife in public spat with Sean Strickland after UFC champ slams her for ‘How to be a Wag’ book

IAN MACHADO GARRY and his wife Layla are involved in a public spat with middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Garry got married to presenter Layla in 2022 and the couple welcomed their baby Leandro the same year.

Ian Machado Garry with his wide Layla
Ian Machado Garry with his wide LaylaCredit: INSTAGRAM
Sean Strickland took aim at Garry and Layla
Sean Strickland took aim at Garry and LaylaCredit: Getty

Their relationship became the topic of debate online when a book titled “How to be a WAG” – written by Layla in 2010 – resurfaced.

Outspoken UFC champ Strickland spoke out about the book, slammed the couple’s 14-year age gap and claimed Layla’s ex-husband lives with the two.

He said: “Guys, I never talk about anybody’s spouses, but this s*** ain’t right. It ain’t f*****g right. I got to talk about it.

“Ian Garry, I remember when I met you dude, it was in New York. You were with this fine ass girl, she had the little nipple coverings.

“We all f*****g seen it right, everybody f*****g seen it but I remember thinking to myself, there ain’t something right about that girl.

“There’s something about that woman that ain’t f*****g right. The way she walked, the way she looked, the way she talked, I knew it.

“Now I’m finding out you’re 26, she’s f*****g 40. The ex f*****g husband lives with you, you took the last name.

“Motherf****r she wrote a book on how to be a WAG, I didn’t know what a WAG was until now dude.

“This s*** ain’t right dude, she’s a succubus. You got to run away bro.

“Hot girls are a dime a dozen, we’ll get your ring girls, we’ll get you two at the same time bro. You got to pull the ripcord man, it ain’t f*****g right my friend.

“You got to pull that f*****g rip cord, I’m here for you, the MMA community is here for you to do the right thing Ian Garry.”

Layla hit back at Strickland’s rant and denied that her ex-husband – who is Garry’s nutritionist – lives with them.

She said: “I wrote a book called ‘How to be a WAG’, now that statement itself is a little bit of a stretch.

“I can hardly call myself an author of an 11-page audible only satire story that was written in 2010.

Layla is a TV presenter
Layla is a TV presenterCredit: INSTAGRAM
She is 14 years older than her husband
She is 14 years older than her husbandCredit: INSTAGRAM

“Now that context is key because that was during the FIFA World Cup, when I was working with OK magazine and various different gossip magazines.

“We were creating this hilarious satire look at wives and girlfriends in football, that’s what WAG stands for.

“It’s got nothing to do with age and I wasn’t 40 then was I? If you want to call me an author for that, sweet.

“I think it was more of a light-hearted podcast, but I was well ahead of my time. That satirical look is, if you listened to it, really silly.

“Anyone that takes it as fact has completely missed the mark, low and behold sarcasm isn’t well taken, especially with an American audience.

“British humour and sarcasm is often lost, at the time it was a huge success and people got the joke. it went out, it was funny and it did great.

“Some bulls*** things that people have been saying is that my ex-husband lives with us. No he doesn’t and no he never has.

The couple married and welcomed their baby in 2022
The couple married and welcomed their baby in 2022Credit: INSTAGRAM

“You are just making that up, inventing it completely.”

Strickland released apparent messages with Garry which read: “And if you choose to continue to spread it knowing from the source it’s not true than you’re partaking in harassment and defamation of character.

“Smart move would be to take it down.”

Strickland went on another verbal rampage and said: “This motherf****r, he says, ‘I’m gonna sue you if you don’t delete that.’

“You’re gonna sue me motherf****r? He said that I was lying. Motherf****r, I ain’t lying. Y

“ou are 26, she is 40, she wrote a f*****g book on how to be old and be with a young athlete. I ain’t f*****g  lying bro, this is factual.

“And Ian Garry, I don’t give a f*** about being sued, you think I give a f***. You want me to respect you?

“You say, ‘I’m going to go to Bass Pro Shop or wherever the f*** you go, and I’m gonna go buy a 9 and handle this like a man.’ I would’ve respected that.

“I don’t f*****g respect that. But hey, I don’t f*****g expect nothing else from a man like you.”

Strickland hit out at Garry and Layla in a social media rant
Strickland hit out at Garry and Layla in a social media rant

Ian Machado Garry’s wife in public spat with Sean Strickland after UFC champ slams her for ‘How to be a Wag’ book | The Sun

ony Bellew hails referee for saving his LIFE in Oleksandr Usyk fight after Ukrainian landed monstrous left hook

TONY BELLEW reckons a boxing referee saved his LIVE.

That’s after his 2018 battle against Oleksandr Usyk was waved off following a monster punch from the Ukrainian.

Tony Bellew says boxing ref Terry O'Connor saved his life against Oleksandr Usyk
Tony Bellew says boxing ref Terry O’Connor saved his life against Oleksandr UsykCredit: Reuters
Bellew was caught by a meaty left hook during his 2018 defeat
Bellew was caught by a meaty left hook during his 2018 defeatCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bellew, 40, stepped into the ring five years ago against the now-WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO world heavyweight champion.

Both men put on a spectacle of boxing with some heavy hooks and strong swings.

But it was Usyk who emerged victorious after downing Bellew with a massive left hook in the eighth round.

The punch sent the Brit sprawling to the canvas, with most men unlikely to recover.

But Bellew defied the odds to beat the countdown and get back on his feet.

Even so, he didn’t seem to know what planet he was on despite bravely insisting he was ready to continue.

And referee Terry O’Connor made the decision to wave off the contest, handing Usyk the win.

Bellew was not pleased with the decision at the time.

But he now admits it was the correct one, even claiming that O’Connor “saved my life” as a result.

Speaking on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Bellew lifted the lid on taking a punch from one of the world’s top boxers.

And he thanked O’Connor for making the big call to end the bout, saying: “Too hard (fighting against Usyk).

“Obviously he’s amazing. I’ve fought stronger people, I’ve fought quicker people, but I’ve never fought someone like him who has got everything. He works you out.

“He downloads what you do. He’s downloading all the data in front of him. It takes him three rounds to do it.

“With me, it took him eight. And then he does it, he pulled the trigger.

“But I was exhausted. I remember everything up until round seven. I don’t remember round eight.

“No (Usyk doesn’t hit hard), I was up at six (count). He didn’t knock me clean out.

“I got up at six. Thank God the ref didn’t let me (continue) because he’d have killed me.

“The ref literally saved my life. Next shot probably puts me away for good.

“So boxing at the highest level in the professional business is brutal. My priority was to make it home safe. After that it was to win at all costs.”

Tony Bellew hails referee for saving his LIFE in Oleksandr Usyk fight after Ukrainian landed monstrous left hook | The Sun

UFC 300 plans for Conor McGregor ‘CHANGING’ after Dana White claimed star will return in summer, says MMA insider

THE UFC are reportedly considering performing a U-turn on having Conor McGregor headline UFC 300.

The Notorious was seemingly a dead cert to top the historic April card after it was confirmed his long-awaited showdown with Michael Chandler wouldn’t take place this December.

Conor McGregor was seemingly set to make his long-awaited return at UFC 300 in April
Conor McGregor was seemingly set to make his long-awaited return at UFC 300 in AprilCredit: GETTY
UFC president Dana White, however, recently claimed the Irishman will be back in the summer
UFC president Dana White, however, recently claimed the Irishman will be back in the summerCredit: INSTAGRAM@THENOTORIOUSMMA
But MMA insider Ariel Helwani has claimed the promotion are seemingly 'changing' their stance on McGregor topping the UFC 300 bill
But MMA insider Ariel Helwani has claimed the promotion are seemingly ‘changing’ their stance on McGregor topping the UFC 300 billCredit: GETTY

UFC chief executive officer Dana White, however, poured cold water on talk of the Irishman topping the bill of the promotion’s 300th pay-per-view offering, insisting he would return in the summer.

McGregor’s head coach recently revealed that a July return is on the cards, although veteran MMA reporter Ariel Helwani has claimed the promotion are seemingly having a change of heart.

During a recent appearance on Sean O’Malley‘s podcast, the Canadian said: “I’ve heard since that maybe plans are changing.”

Not having McGregor headline UFC 300 would mean likely see the UFC brass bank two massive pay-per-view events this year.

The logic is a sound, although Helwani – like many others – believes the promotion already has a guaranteed home run in their hands.

He said: “Sometimes I feel like the UFC, because Conor is such a big deal, they try to find like the perfect scenario for him to fight in.

“And I can understand from a business standpoint why you wouldn’t want to put him on 300.

“300 is going to sell itself because of the pageantry of the number and whatnot.

“So maybe if you put him on 301, you get two bites of that million buy apple, if you get what I’m saying.

“Because maybe 301 wouldn’t be great without him.

“But to me, come on man. Conor’s ready to go. Who knows how many fights he has left in him?

“He’s foaming at the mouth, he’s almost begging for a fight. Put him on that damn card.”

Former two-division champion McGregor, 35, hasn’t set foot inside the octagon since breaking his leg in his Las Vegas trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier two-and-half years ago.

But the Dubliner is fighting fit and champing at the bit to get back in the octagon, so much so that he recently pleaded to the UFC brass to give him a date for his return.

He said: “I’ve been kept from my living for almost three years now.

Conor McGregor will be welcomed back to the octagon by Michael Chandler
Conor McGregor will be welcomed back to the octagon by Michael ChandlerCredit: TWITTER@THENOTORIOUSMMA

“Understand that. I came through what I came through. I’m sitting on an injury and a loss.

“You hear what Alexander Volkanovski said? I relate. I must return to my way of living.

“This is my job. It’s beyond frustrating.

“I just want the date. Give me the date, please. That’s it.”

The pride of Dublin added: “It’s whoever they want.

“I won’t ever say no. I just want a date. I won’t ever say no to no one, yeah?

“Chandler is what it seems to be. It does not matter to me as long as I get back in there.”

UFC 300 plans for Conor McGregor ‘CHANGING’ after Dana White claimed star will return in summer, says MMA insider | The Sun

Muhammad Ali’s MMA star grandson to have one final amateur fight before turning pro with the PFL

MUHAMMAD ALI’S grandson is set for one final amateur MMA bout before turning professional.

Biaggio Ali Walsh is currently 5-1 in the unpaid ranks and signed to the Professional Fighters League.

Muhammad Ali's MMA star grandson Biaggio
Muhammad Ali’s MMA star grandson Biaggio

The American has five knockout wins in the PFL and returns this Friday in Washington, DC against Joel Lopez.

And he will enter the cage for the last time as an amateur as he hopes to turn pro next year.

Biaggio, 25, told SunSport: “The ideal 2024 would be finish this fight with a win and get my pro career started.

“I don’t expect to jump into the tournament, that would be foolish I think.

“As soon as I turn pro I need to build some resume, build some stability, maybe still be showcase bouts on the card. 

“Regardless of where I am on the card I’m still fighting, still getting that experience so the ideal 2024 would be to get three or four fights as a pro and build my record.” 

Biaggio has never gone past the second round due to his impressive display of striking.

So he actually hopes Lopez can see the third and final round as he looks to gain as much experience as possible before entering the pros.

He said: “To be completely honest, I hope this next fight is a three-round back and forth war. 

“That’s what I’m hoping for in this next fight because it will prepare me for my pro career and it will only help me. 

“I’m hoping it’s a back-and-forth war and it’s an amateur fight but I hope it’s a fun fight to watch. That’s what I want to give the fans. 

“I think having that kind of back-and-forth brawl, that will help me so much in my career and it will prepare me and also give the fans what they want to see.” 

Muhammad Ali with grandson Biaggio
Muhammad Ali with grandson Biaggio

Muhammad Ali’s MMA star grandson to have one final amateur fight before turning pro with the PFL | The Sun

Jake Paul says shock fight with boxing legend is ‘closer’ than people think as he names dream opponent

JAKE PAUL said his dream fight against one of boxing’s biggest superstars is “closer” than people think.

The YouTuber-turned boxer suffered defeat for the first time in February, losing a split-decision to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia.

Jake Paul has his eyes on fighting one of boxing's best
Jake Paul has his eyes on fighting one of boxing’s bestCredit: Reuters

But he bounced back with victory over MMA veteran Nate Diaz, 38, over ten rounds in August.

Now, Paul returns on December 15 against little-known professional boxer Andre August, who holds a record of 10-1-1.

The American insisted the bout marks the start of his ambitious road to challenging for a world title.

And also in his vision is four-division champion Canelo Alvarez, 33, who Paul, 26, believes he is closing in on an unlikely bout with.

He said on The MMA Hour: “Canelo has shown and said in interviews, he’s expressed interest in it. So, I think we’re closer than we think.

“And it’s bizarre to even be saying that now when like three years or two years ago saying that, I believed it from day one but everyone else was like, ‘Who the f*** is this kid? Shut this kid up.’

“But now, it’s like pretty real.”

Canelo has spoken out to confirm a fight with Paul is something he would consider once his career at the top of boxing is over.

He said on The Breakfast Club: “Yeah maybe, but not right now.

“For me, not right now because I’m chasing other things in my career but you never know, maybe later.”

Paul believes fighting boxers such as Fury, 24, and August, 35, will help him build towards a bout with Canelo.

And he admitted the Mexican has overtaken UFC icon Conor McGregor, 34, as his “dream” opponent.

Paul said: “Yeah for sure, it definitely has. I think the path that I’m on now tees me up in the future to fight Canelo.

“It’s even showing him that I can go ten or 12 rounds with you and I’ve done that with real legitimate pro boxers and beat them.

“So when I beat these guys in the year or two to come and continue to raise the level of competition, I think me versus Canelo becomes a really interesting fight.”

Canelo Alvarez beat Jermell Charlo in his last fight
Canelo Alvarez beat Jermell Charlo in his last fightCredit: Getty

Results for the KOK Mega Series in Vilnius, Lithuania 18.11.2023

King of Kings returned to the ASG Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania in front of a jam-packed crowd for kickboxing’s biggest event of the year. There were two events in one as the first six fights of the evening were under the MMA Bushido banner and the last six were part of the KOK Mega Series. The main event of the evening saw KOK and Glory champion Sergej Maslobojev make a successful return to KOK with a quick first round knockout victory over England’s heavy-hitter Rhys Brudenell. A four-man lightweight tournament also took place with Ukraine’s Anton Podgoryj emerging victorious. The full results for the evening can be found below.

MMA Bushido 89 results

-93 kg (boxing): Kristupas Smikus (LT) vs. Andrius Burneckas (LT) – DRAW

-77 kg (kickboxing): Evaldas Balsys (LT) def. Jahfaro Gezius (SUR) by UD

-60 kg: Deividas Zamba (LT) def. Farrukh Gafurov (UZB) by sub (RNC), 1st rd

-85 kg: Erikas Golubovskis (LT) def. Mindaugas Mikaliak (LT/UK) by sub (RNC), 1st rd

-77 kg: Rodrigo Mineiro (BRA) def. Raimondas Krilavicius (LT) by KO, 2nd rd

MMA Bushido Heavyweight Championship Match, +95 kg, 3×5 min

Tomas Pakutinskas (LT) def. Arya Sheikh Hosseini (NL) by KO, 2nd

KOK Mega Series results

KOK Lightweight WGP Tournament Semi-Final Fights

Anton Podgoryj (UKR/PL) def. Jordy Laret (SUR/NL) by UD, ex. rd

Naglis Tamasevicius (LT) def. Benas Sorochovas (LT) by UD

+95 kg: Ignas Pauliukevicius (LT) def. Antoine Chedid (LEB) by KO, 2nd rd

-95 kg: Edfinas Salkovskis (LT) def. Dorivaldo Da Silva (NL) by TKO, 3rd rd

KOK Lightweight WGP Final Fight

Anton Podgoryj (UKR/PL) def. Naglis Tamasevicius (LT) by TKO, 1st rd

Main Event, +95 kg, 3×3 min

Sergej Maslobojev (LT) def. Rhys Brudenell (UK) by KO, 1st rd

The next KOK event will be the 15th of December in Berlin, Germany.

news form fightbox.com

10 reasons why you should visit the KOK MEGA SERIES HERO’S tournament this Saturday

November 18 day, the KOK MEGA SERIES “HERO’S” tournament will take place in the Vilnius “Avia Solution Group” arena. Here are the top 10 reasons why this event cannot be missed:

1. The biggest martial arts event in Europe: KOK MEGA SERIES “HERO’S” is recognized by the international community as one of the biggest martial arts tournaments in Europe, attracting all the elite fighters and huge attention of social networks all over the world.

2. Global broadcast: the tournament will be broadcasted to 178 countries of the world, to all five continents of the world.

3. TOP fighters of the world: Lithuania has not seen such a strong list of fighters for a long time. An entire division of the world’s most famous fighters will descend on the ASG arena.

4. Clash of the Titans: the exclusive event of the evening – Sergey Masloboev and Rhys Brudenell face off in the ring. Sergey Masloboev, will face the no. 1 fighter from England, Rhys Brudenell. This is a fight that has received a lot of international attention, as it is an impressive and hard-fought battle between two giants of the martial arts.

5. One of the most famous Lithuanian MMA fighters Raimondas Krilavičius will meet the scandalous Brazilian Rodrigue Ferreira in the ring.

6. Welterweight Grand Prix tournament: The first fights of the tournament will be: Naglis Tamasevicius against Benas Sorochovas and Anton Podhornyi against Jordy Laret. The winners of both matches will go to the finals, where it will be determined who will be the winner of the tournament.

7. Combination of two styles of martial arts in one evening: this evening will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy two different styles of martial arts, and satisfy the expectations of both MMA and professional KOK kickboxing fans.

8. “Bushido Angels” – the most beautiful ring girls in the world! “Bushido / KOK” tournaments are famous not only for their fights, grandiose show and excellent organization. Most beautiful girls, otherwise known as “Bushido Angels”, will be here to beautify the tournament.

9. Unique tactics and strategies: representatives of various fighting styles and arts will clash in the ring, so every fight in the tournament will be unique, unpredictable and full of adrenaline.

10. For the first time in history, the press conference with the athletes and the weigh-ins will be open to everyone. Not only journalists will have the opportunity to participate in the conference, but also everyone who wants to. The conference starts on Friday at 16:00 in the ASG arena. The conference can also be watched live on the PRIMEFIGHT.PLAY YouTube channel.

Come and don’t miss the chance to see everything with your own eyes.

You can buy tickets at bilietai.lt, more information at kokfights.com

When is Conor McGregor’s next fight?

CONNOR MCGregor is set for a massive comeback in 2024 as the historic UFC 300 card approaches.

But when is The Notorious’ next fight and who is he facing?

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler square up on The Ultimate Fighter in July 2023
Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler square up on The Ultimate Fighter in July 2023Credit: Twitter

When is Conor McGregor’s next fight?

Conor McGregor has to complete six months of clean testing before he is eligible to return to the sport.

The timing means the mouth-watering prospect of The Norotrious headlining UFC 300 — but his coach John Kavanagh refused to confirm whether that is the plan.

Kavanagh told talkSPORT: “He’s training very regular now, he’s very committed.

“We have no date set yet, but within the first half of next year he’ll definitely have his comeback.”

UFC 300 — which is also yet to confirm a date or venue — has been touted as the perfect card for Connor’s comeback.

But Kavanagh knows the former two-weight champion would make his comeback on the next available slot if possible.

He said: “Conor just wants to fight.

“If you offered him a fight this Saturday, he’d take it. If it’s UFC 300, great!

“We just wanna get back in there, get busy, and hopefully get a few fights together.”

Who will Conor McGregor fight next?

McGregor, 35, is set to return against Michael Chandler, 37, after the pair coached on reality series The Ultimate Fighter.

He was expected to face Chandler in December 2023, but that date was derailed due to drug-testing rules.

The Irishman’s absence from the USADA testing pool — which he must be in for a minimum of six months before returning to competition — has delayed their clash to 2024 at the earliest.

And UFC legend Daniel Cormier predicted the blockbuster bout will land on the historic UFC 300 card.

He said on his ESPN show: “UFC 100 had Brock [Lesnar], right? With Georges St-Pierre and all those guys.  

“UFC 200 had Brock, it was supposed to me and [Jon] Jones also but it ended up being me, Anderson Silva, Brock, all these guys, big names.

“UFC 300 has to have a name like that. We don’t have Brock Lesnar anymore.

“So, I think you have to have a Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler. I think Michael Chandler gets his shot now, in the main event.

“Boy, Michael Chandler will headline UFC 300, how crazy is that?”

During an appearance on The MMA Hour Chandler said: “My heart of hearts says the biggest fight we’ve seen in a very long time has to go down on the biggest card that the UFC is going to put together since UFC 200, since UFC 100.

“My heart of hearts, my gut says we might be waiting until UFC 300.

“Good thing I’ve got a lot of things to keep my busy, and I get an opportunity to train for Conor for a very long time.

“I’m ready to fight in January, February, March, April, May, whatever.

“Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that there’s a very historic card coming up with the UFC.

“I haven’t been told that’s when it’s going to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s when it is.”

He added: “And if it is, I’ve got more and more time to prepare.

“I’ve never had this much time to prepare for one certain guy, one certain opponent.

“Me and my team, we’re going to put together a game plan and knock this dude out in the first round or two.”

What is Conor McGregor’s UFC record?

McGregor competes in the UFC’s lightweight division.

He has an impressive record of 22 wins, 6 losses and 0 draws.

He has won 19 of his fights by knockout.

How did Conor McGregor break his leg?

McGregor suffered a broken leg against Dustin Poirier during his last fight in July 2021.

The Irishman was beaten by rival Poirier in their third bout at UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

Connor suffered a broken tibia in his lower left leg and was carried out of the octagon on a stretcher.

When the American took McGregor down, he reacted by attempting a guillotine choke.

But after failing to lock in the hold, Poirier began to reign down with a brutal ground and pound.

When the fighters stood up, McGregor’s attempted kick backfired as he came down on his shin, which gave way, forcing him to fall down, gruesomely ending the contest.

After the fight McGregor said: “I was boxing the bleeding head off him, kicking the bleeding leg off him.

“Usual s***e, dive to close the distance. This is not over. I have to take this outside with him, it’s all outside.”

But the injury looked like a possible career-ender, with UFC legend Jon Jones tweeting: “Man, I wonder if he will ever fight again after this… heal up champ, this is terrible.”

When is Conor McGregor’s next fight? | The Sun