UFC star made to regret it after telling teenage opponent ‘f*** no’ and attempt head kick when he tried to touch gloves

RICKY TURCIOS was made to pay after a disrespectful start to his UFC Louisville bout with Raul Rosas Jr last night.

Turcios, 31, refused to touch gloves with his teenage opponent in the octagon at start of round one in Kentucky.

Rosas Jr, 19, approached Turcios on the sound of the bell to touch gloves before getting the action underway, in what is a common sign of respect in any MMA fight.

Instead of having the moment of sportsmanship, Turcios appeared to shout “F*** no” in Rosas Jr’s face before immediately trying to kick him in the head.

The Texas born bantamweight leapt forward and tried a head kick on the teen, but failed to make contact thanks to Rosas Jr’s quick reactions.

And things went downhill from there for Turcios as he was made to pay for his refusal to touch gloves, ultimately losing the fight to his opponent 12 years his junior.

Rosas Jr put on a dominant display winning the fight in the second round with a rear naked choke.

It’s Turcios’ second loss in his last three bouts while Rosas Jr extended his own pro record to 9-1-0.

When asked if he was surprised by Turcios’ decision to not touch gloves, Rosas Jr explained that he was expecting the aggressive approach from his opponent.

Speaking in his post-fight press conference, he said: “I wasn’t really surprised.

“I knew he was going to come out hard trying to swing, he likes a high paced fight.

“I knew we were going to scramble a lot and I knew it was going to be high pace.

“So I was just trying to go out there and slow him down and find the finish.”

He went on to add that Turcios may have been too emotional to win the fight and his nerves led to his refusal to touch gloves.

He said: “Maybe he was [too emotional]. From the face off I could tell that he was a little bit emotional and a little bit mad.

“I think he was nervous, too nervous. So that’s why he reacted like that.

“I think he didn’t really handle the pressure well and I think that’s why he reacted like that.”

UFC star made to regret it after telling teenage opponent ‘f*** no’ and attempt head kick when he tried to touch gloves | The Sun

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