Sergej Maslobojev preparing for the Fight Against Leandro Dikmoet

One of the brightest and most well-known combat sports athletes, Sergej Maslobojev, will step into the KOK ring to fight against the young and promising Dutch fighter Leandro Dikmoet. On March 16th, at the ASG arena in Vilnius, sports enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions while watching the duel of these athletes.

Glory and KOK champion Sergej “The Sledgehammer” Maslobojev reveals his preparation strategy for the upcoming fight. The fighter emphasizes that the main focus is on refining technique, strength, and tactical elements. “We’re not cutting weight, we’re developing technique, strength, and tactical aspects. The form is improving, no injuries,” says Maslobojev.

Speaking about tactics, Sergej says the plan is to start cautiously, observe the opponent, and look for opportunities to strike. “The tactic, as always, is to start slowly, watch my opponent and see what he has prepared. If there’s an opportunity to finish the fight earlier, I’ll try to do so,” he says.

For the preparation for this fight, Sergej chose a different training plan than usual, encompassing a five-week preparation cycle with two intensive training sessions per day, which allowed avoiding excessive fatigue.

KOK’120 World Series is a great chance to see legendary fighters: Sergej Maslobojev, Sergej Grecicho, Ignas Barysas, Nauris Lukosiunas, Raimondas Avlasevicius, and many others.

The tournament is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure you can see them with your own eyes.

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