Nauris Lukosiūnas: “Martial arts is a long marathon, not a short sprint.”

The international Bushido tournament “KOK’120 World Series” returns to Vilnius. On March 16th, fans of combat sports will have the opportunity to once again experience the adrenaline rush that comes with the now traditional international Bushido “King of Kings” KOK tournaments.

Nauris Lukosiūnas, a fighter known for his perseverance and versatility in combat, returns to the ring on March 16th to face an athlete from the Netherlands. The year 2023 brought him both significant victories and serious challenges, but it was also a time of progress and improvement. Although injuries and infections temporarily halted Nauris’s participation in tournaments, he remained unbroken and now, looking forward to 2024, is determined to return to the fight stronger than ever.

For a champion’s title in one of the upcoming fights, Nauris Lukosiūnas, representing “One Blood gym,” was to clash with Niko Korventaus from Finland, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for this fight. The reason is the organization’s condition to climb the category ranking by winning another ranked fight first. The fighter emphasized that this is necessary to compete for the title in the future, and he is willing to adhere to the federation’s rules.

Nauris is preparing hard and intensively for the upcoming fight. His brother and coach, Herkus Lukosiūnas, conducts thorough analysis of opponents and formulates fight strategies, allowing Nauris to focus solely on executing the plan.

The fighter also shared several tips for young athletes entering the world of martial arts, emphasizing the importance of finding experienced and competent coaches, and understanding that martial arts is a long marathon, not a short sprint.

Concluding the interview, Lukosiūnas addressed his fans, thanking them for their support and adding, “We, fighters, put in a tremendous amount of work and effort to guarantee our fans a spectacular show when the time comes. I wish you impressive, good fights at the ASG arena, and for us, what we need most – that you support us with all your heart. See you on March 16th!”

Come and don’t miss the chance to see everything with your own eyes in Vilnius, Avia Solutions Group arena! Tickets can be purchased at

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