Sergej Maslobojev: ‘Fighting in front of my own audience is one of the most wonderful things in my career’

On March 16th, at the Avia Solutions Group arena in Vilnius, during the ‘KOK World Series’ tournament, martial arts fans will have a unique opportunity to watch one of the world’s most famous kickboxer – Sergej Maslobojev. According to the athlete himself, he feels extremely happy to be able to fight in his own country again: ‘It was incredibly pleasant to return to Lithuania, to fight in front of my audience, my people, in my home. This is one of the most wonderful things in my career, so returning to the ring on March 16th is just as important and enjoyable. I hope to see even more spectators, to share my emotion and joy with more people.’

Last autumn, S. Maslobojev participated in the ‘KOK Mega Series Hero’s’ tournament, where he fought against Rhys Brudnell ‘Bruza’ from Great Britain. The comeback fight for Sergej was particularly successful – he finished it in the first round by knockout. He rates this fight positively, as everything went according to plan: ‘I had two choices – to try to withstand his attacks and tire him out until the 2-3rd round and then start working, but my last fight in the ‘Glory’ organization showed that there is no need to wait. We broke his horns right in the first round, did not let him gain momentum and believe in his own strength. We did our job as we should have. I rate the fight very positively, and I believe my next performance will be no less effective.’

His plans for this year are to return to the top of the world rankings and fight for the ‘Glory’ world champion belt.

On March 16th, Maslobojev will fight in Vilnius at the Avia Solutions Group arena, most likely in the heavyweight category, as he says he likes to fight in this category because he does not have to think about weight, which allows him to feel stronger and more prepared for the fight.

Speaking of a potential fight with Badr Hari, Maslobojev says that it would be not only a sporting challenge but also a psychological one: ‘Badr Hari is a legendary fighter, but his weak spot is psychology.’ Sergej believes that it’s important not to let such an opponent believe in his own strength and to break his self-confidence during the fight. ‘The only trouble with Badr Hari is that he can’t cope with his psychology. When he comes into the ring, his eyes run to the side, he can’t manage his emotions. He lost his last fight to our colleague from Estonia, whom I defeated myself in the amateur ring 10 years ago. I think I’m definitely no worse than him, so I could try my strength.’

Commenting on the upcoming rematch between Raimondas Krilavicius and Rodrigo Mineiro, Maslobojev revealed that ‘it was painful to see how everything happened. Later I couldn’t believe it because Raimondas led and dominated the entire fight. However, he has the same problem I had, which is the psychological state.’ He believes that Krilavicius has learned important lessons and will come back stronger, motivated, and will take his revenge on the Brazilian fighter.

Concluding the interview, Sergej addressed the martial arts fans: ‘If I have to fight for the belt again soon and take it back, it’s unclear when I can return to the Lithuanian ring. So, I really hope to see as many spectators as possible at the ASG arena this spring and delight them with my performance.’

The upcoming ‘KOK World Series’ tournament in Vilnius will undoubtedly become the most memorable event in the history of martial arts. Don’t miss this adrenaline-filled evening and watch the fights with TOP world-class fighters on March 16th at the Avia Solutions Group arena. Tickets can be purchased at”

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