Tomorrow -The rematch of Felix Sturm vs. Sukru Altay

The rematch will take place this Saturday in Ludwigsburg- Germany – 9.5 months after the first meeting. The first fight was controversial and questions remain unanswered. Last time Felix Sturm won by points, but Altay was significantly more active during the fight.

Sukru Altay (15-3) was given the chance of a lifetime in February and was more than willing to take advantage of it. He moved forward non-stop for 10 laps and constantly kept Felix Sturm (43-6-3) busy, who remained in stable double coverage. Although most of the hits were on the cover, you couldn’t help but notice that Altay was the more active and sometimes dominant man in the ring.

In addition to the activity, the once impressive footwork was missed during Sturm; He stood very static in the ring and allowed himself to be worked on for the most part. In the end, Sturm had a narrow points victory, at least for the most part. This was not entirely controversially discussed, as the non-stop activity meant that many in Altay tended to see the winner.

Afterwards, Felix Sturm announced that he was suffering from severe bronchitis. You could see it as an excuse, but the upcoming rematch is all the better to clarify these open questions.

Now the question arises as to what effects Sturm’s bronchitis had and what will become apparent in the rematch. Could it be that the former world champion is now boxing more actively himself and showing the critics right from the start that there can only be one winner in Ludwigsburg on Saturday?

Or can Altay improve again with longer preparation and successfully complete the job he did not fully complete from the first fight? Although this fight has little to do with the absolute best in the world, it can at least be said that the main fight is certainly exciting, as both boxers are willing to show a strong performance and win accordingly.

Undercard includes a Junior World Championship

In the co-main event, Luca Antonio Cinqueoncie (17-0) will defend his Junior World Champion name against Mirko König (7-1).

Bujar Tahiri (15-0) will face Melbyn Hernandez (7-8-2).

The 20-year-old Hamza Salahudin (10-0) willl compete with the Argentinian former world champion Cesar Rene Cuenca (48-4).

Exciting names such as Elvir Sendro (12-0), Alem Begic (24-0-1), Steven Nduka (2-0) and many more will fight on the undercard.


Prelim Fights starts at 16:30 pm. CET an you can watch them on

Main Card start at 18:30 CET an you can watch them on DAZN, PRIME FIGHT HD and

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