Ian Machado Garry’s wife in public spat with Sean Strickland after UFC champ slams her for ‘How to be a Wag’ book

IAN MACHADO GARRY and his wife Layla are involved in a public spat with middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Garry got married to presenter Layla in 2022 and the couple welcomed their baby Leandro the same year.

Ian Machado Garry with his wide Layla
Ian Machado Garry with his wide LaylaCredit: INSTAGRAM
Sean Strickland took aim at Garry and Layla
Sean Strickland took aim at Garry and LaylaCredit: Getty

Their relationship became the topic of debate online when a book titled “How to be a WAG” – written by Layla in 2010 – resurfaced.

Outspoken UFC champ Strickland spoke out about the book, slammed the couple’s 14-year age gap and claimed Layla’s ex-husband lives with the two.

He said: “Guys, I never talk about anybody’s spouses, but this s*** ain’t right. It ain’t f*****g right. I got to talk about it.

“Ian Garry, I remember when I met you dude, it was in New York. You were with this fine ass girl, she had the little nipple coverings.

“We all f*****g seen it right, everybody f*****g seen it but I remember thinking to myself, there ain’t something right about that girl.

“There’s something about that woman that ain’t f*****g right. The way she walked, the way she looked, the way she talked, I knew it.

“Now I’m finding out you’re 26, she’s f*****g 40. The ex f*****g husband lives with you, you took the last name.

“Motherf****r she wrote a book on how to be a WAG, I didn’t know what a WAG was until now dude.

“This s*** ain’t right dude, she’s a succubus. You got to run away bro.

“Hot girls are a dime a dozen, we’ll get your ring girls, we’ll get you two at the same time bro. You got to pull the ripcord man, it ain’t f*****g right my friend.

“You got to pull that f*****g rip cord, I’m here for you, the MMA community is here for you to do the right thing Ian Garry.”

Layla hit back at Strickland’s rant and denied that her ex-husband – who is Garry’s nutritionist – lives with them.

She said: “I wrote a book called ‘How to be a WAG’, now that statement itself is a little bit of a stretch.

“I can hardly call myself an author of an 11-page audible only satire story that was written in 2010.

Layla is a TV presenter
Layla is a TV presenterCredit: INSTAGRAM
She is 14 years older than her husband
She is 14 years older than her husbandCredit: INSTAGRAM

“Now that context is key because that was during the FIFA World Cup, when I was working with OK magazine and various different gossip magazines.

“We were creating this hilarious satire look at wives and girlfriends in football, that’s what WAG stands for.

“It’s got nothing to do with age and I wasn’t 40 then was I? If you want to call me an author for that, sweet.

“I think it was more of a light-hearted podcast, but I was well ahead of my time. That satirical look is, if you listened to it, really silly.

“Anyone that takes it as fact has completely missed the mark, low and behold sarcasm isn’t well taken, especially with an American audience.

“British humour and sarcasm is often lost, at the time it was a huge success and people got the joke. it went out, it was funny and it did great.

“Some bulls*** things that people have been saying is that my ex-husband lives with us. No he doesn’t and no he never has.

The couple married and welcomed their baby in 2022
The couple married and welcomed their baby in 2022Credit: INSTAGRAM

“You are just making that up, inventing it completely.”

Strickland released apparent messages with Garry which read: “And if you choose to continue to spread it knowing from the source it’s not true than you’re partaking in harassment and defamation of character.

“Smart move would be to take it down.”

Strickland went on another verbal rampage and said: “This motherf****r, he says, ‘I’m gonna sue you if you don’t delete that.’

“You’re gonna sue me motherf****r? He said that I was lying. Motherf****r, I ain’t lying. Y

“ou are 26, she is 40, she wrote a f*****g book on how to be old and be with a young athlete. I ain’t f*****g  lying bro, this is factual.

“And Ian Garry, I don’t give a f*** about being sued, you think I give a f***. You want me to respect you?

“You say, ‘I’m going to go to Bass Pro Shop or wherever the f*** you go, and I’m gonna go buy a 9 and handle this like a man.’ I would’ve respected that.

“I don’t f*****g respect that. But hey, I don’t f*****g expect nothing else from a man like you.”

Strickland hit out at Garry and Layla in a social media rant
Strickland hit out at Garry and Layla in a social media rant

Ian Machado Garry’s wife in public spat with Sean Strickland after UFC champ slams her for ‘How to be a Wag’ book | The Sun

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