Chris Eubank Jr tells novice ref to let him experience hell against Liam Smith as pair weigh in ahead of grudge rematch

CHRIS EUBANK JR has ordered novice referee Kevin Parker to let him experience hell again against Liam Smith.

In January veteran official Victor Loughlin had to save the 33-year-old middleweight from his own bravery and waved off the beating after four rounds.

Surprisingly Parker has been handed the rematch – the biggest shift of his career – and all Eubank Jr wants is a guarantee he will be allowed to take a beating.

He explained: “I just want a guy who knows what he has in front of him and that’s a warrior and someone who doesn’t want to give up. 

“At this level of the sport, give these fighters as much of an opportunity as they want to do what they have to do to win. 

“You know the vulnerable guys, you know the guys who need to be stopped, you know the guys who need to be saved. I’m not one of those guys. 

“We want the referee to understand that mentality.”

Neither team have voiced a problem with the BBBofC over the official and their main concern was making sure Friday’s weigh-in was completed without any of the nasty shenanigans of the original.

Two days out from the fight Smith questioned Eubank’s sexuality and hinted he was more than just poker-pals with Brazilian footballer Neymar.

And Eubank Jr hit back with insinuations of infidelity against Smith.

These media events have gone much smoother but the 35-year-old Scouser still tried to intimidate his rival on the scales.

“Liam was trying to get under my skin,” Eubank Jr explained “Talking about which shots he wants to hit me with , what shots I want to get hit with, which shot was a fluke when I got stopped and what he’s going to do to me. 

“He’s trying to get in my head but he doesn’t understand how thick this skin is over my bones.  It’s been through too much. 

“You can’t talk yourself into changing what’s going to happen or changing my mind, mindset or my mentality. You’re not going to get me angry.

“It doesn’t bother me. I’m not bothered about Liam Smith, I’m worried about Chris Eubank Jr.”

Jr boiled down to a dangerous 157lbs for the cancelled October clash with Conor Benn and looked emaciated.

He is back up to the 160lbs limit for this and explained – while the drastic diet change was not an excuse for the Smith loss – it did force him to re-evaluate how he eats and trains.

“I did a salt bath for the last weight cut against Liam,” he said. “Never done that before.

“I’m not going to put the outcome of the fight down to that but I know I’m not doing a salt bath for this fight, that’s for sure. 

“I’m cutting the weight like I used to cut weight. We can’t take any risks. I don’t know if it affected me in any way.

“I came in a pound under for the fight against Liam and, when you’re at those limits, every pound is huge. 

“I can’t afford to be doing stuff like that, it’s stupid, it’s irresponsible of me.

“We have a nutritionist, people looking out for my weight, I’m not doing it on my own anymore.”

Chris Eubank Jr tells novice ref to let him experience hell against Liam Smith as pair weigh in ahead of grudge rematch | The Sun

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