Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s training camp for Elon Musk super-fight with UFC champs ‘surprised how good he is’

WHILE his proposed super-fight with Elon Musk has yet to be confirmed, Mark Zuckerberg has continued to train relentlessly.

The 39-year-old Meta Platforms co-founder and CEO recently gave an insight into his training regime when UFC stars Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanvski joined him for a session.

News of their training session went public after Adesanya shared a series of photos of the three posing at Zuckerberg’s home in Lake Tahoe, California.

The Instagram shots were captioned: “No fugazi with Mark” along with “This is Serious Business‼️”

Since then, both Adesanya and Volkanvski have given further insight into Zuckerberg’s true ability.

Speaking to Freestyle Bender, Adesanya explained how he “wanted [Zuckerberg] to feel the pressure of what it would be like to have a bigger man going after him.

“So I wasn’t like nice to him. I was coaching him. It was kind of like a crash course in fighting.

“So I was coaching him as we were going along, and he was a smart man. I’ll tell you he’s a smart man.”

Adesanya went on to add that he “was impressed with afterwards he’d like, because I think I’d be done with him, he’d be like ‘Israel can we go another round?’

“I’m like sure and we would just sit down afterwards and he’s like ‘Isreal can we go another round?'”

And it sounds like Zuckerberg also didn’t hold back, with Adesanya describing the billionaire as “tenacious.”

He explained: “He’d fire back, his first strike he threw was a leg kick that was solid. I was like okay!”

Adesanya continued: “He’s a gamer, I like that! He’s tenacious, he’s like a Jack Russell, a feisty Jack Russell!”

As for Volkanvski, he too was left impressed by Zuckerberg’s ability.

He told TMZ: “I guarantee you, you guys would be very surprised.”

Volkanvski described Zuckerberg as an “athlete,” noting: “As you can see from that photo, I think that’s what raised a lot of eyebrows, he’s in shape.”

Clearly impressed by the Harvard alumni, Volkanvski added: “I mean you can see it that he’s in shape but he really is in shape.

“It’s not just looks, he really is, mate. He trains, he’s pretty athletic, he’s coordinated and he’s committed.”

And as for the potential super-fight between Zuckerberg and Musk, Volkanvski believes the former is all-in.

“Man, I’m telling you he’s serious,” he said. “I don’t know how serious Elon is, but I’m telling you, he’s training.”

Musk, the CEO and co-founder of Tesla, seemingly agreed to face off with Zuck in a cage fight during a recent exchange on social media.

After the 59-year-old tweeted that he was “for a cage match if he is,” Zuckerberg responded on Instagram by telling Musk to “send me location.”

This comes at a tense time between the two tech giants after Meta recently launched Threads, an app that looks to rival Musk’s Twitter.

These tensions have even led to Twitter reportedly threatening to sue Meta for allegedly “poaching” their former employees, per Semafor.

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s training camp for Elon Musk super-fight with UFC champs ‘surprised how good he is’ | The Sun

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