Dream Boxing Series tournament review

The DREAM BOXING Series tournament, together with Fades Sport, took place last Saturday in Germany. In a sold-out arena, spectators experienced an action-packed boxing evening with a great atmosphere and intense fights.

Many local and international fighters competed in this tournament.

The main fight of the evening was Ardian Krasniqi vs Peter Orlik.

Over 8 rounds, the local hero had to deal with the Hungarian Peter Orlik, but it ended much faster. Krasniqi, loudly supported by his numerous fans, employed every trick in the book against the experienced Hungarian and finally closed the show prematurely in round two with three knockdowns. Before that, Orlik tried his luck but quickly realized that Krasniqi was far superior. The next fight for the Rottweiler fan favorite shouldn’t be far away.

Firat Arslan vs Ibrahim Yildirim.

Ex-Cruiserweight World Champion Arslan, who, at the age of 51, was, as always, in excellent form, only spent a short time in the ring with Yildirim, who started with great speed.

After a blow to the head, Yildirim fell to the ground. He got up on his feet but fell backward into the ring ropes, where the referee stopped the fight. Arslan watched what was happening from the neutral corner, a bit stunned, and after the KO victory in round 1, he also mentioned that he would have liked to have boxed more.

Daniel Dietz is the new international German heavyweight champion.

Heavyweight Daniel Dietz defeated the completely overwhelmed Enes Kirmizitoprak by KO in the first round. Kirmizitoprak, who usually boxes at cruiserweight, apparently had enough confidence to take on the giant Dietz but, with little resistance, had to succumb to heavy hits in the first round, which eventually made him theatrically fall to the ground, where he was counted.

Labinot Xhoxhaj remains undefeated.

Alongside Tyron Witness and Ondrej Budera, the two cruiserweights Labinot Xhoxhaj and Milosav Savic delivered what was probably the duel of the evening. In a thrilling and action-packed match, the leader Xhoxhaj struggled to harm his Serbian opponent. Savic was faster, more active, and landed clearer hits. Xhoxhaj, who came with numerous fans, often waited too long and never seemed to find his way into the fight.

In the end, the verdict was: 76-75, 73-78, and 75-75. It is incomprehensible how Xhoxhaj could have been ahead in this competition. Despite this flattering and hardly comprehensible draw, the cruiserweight can still be happy about maintaining his clean record.

Many interesting and adrenaline-filled fights took place on Saturday evening. If you missed the show, you can watch the replay of the event on www.primefightplay.com.

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