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After Dream Boxings latest globally broadcasted Event in Kazakhstan, witnessing Zhankov Turarov becomming the new IBO Super Lightweight world Champion against Alejandro Meneses (Mex).

Dream Boxing CEO Donatas Simanaitis and Dream Boxing Europe Coordinator Darnell Knoch, would like to anounce the latest Breaking News about ist new strategic Cooperation Partner in Germany.

Germany was traditionally one of the bigger markets for Boxing in the past. alot of prominent Champions wich have risen to international fame have been produced there. Lately it got more quiet about recognised names of German fighters That at the Moment have vanished from the international stage. We see great opportunity in this, says Dream Boxing head Mr. Donatas Simanaitis.

Therefore I asked our Dream Boxing Europe Coordinator Mr. Darnell Knoch to make a pick for a regional license taker in Germany or if possible the „DACH“ region.

Darnell Knoch, introduced some of his longterm Contacts in Germany to us. After negotiating talks our choice have clearly been Mr. Rainer Gottwald. His personality and expertise brings what we are looking for.

Dream Boxings Cooperation with Mr. Rainer Gottwald makes him Dream Boxings exlusive License taker for the year 2023 and 2024 in the „DACH“ Region and Slovenia.

Mr. Gottwald secures with this Cooperation his Events to be broadcasted and streamed live on global player DAZN as well on multiple other Streaming Platforms such as go 3 Sports, Primefight and fightbox. But also on terrestrial TV-Broadcasting.

This deal offers featured fighters the possibiliy to be seen and recognized on the world stage all over the Globe again.

Mr. Simanaitis ends this anouncement saying „Mr. Gottwald is the right choice. We have full confidence and trust in him that he manages to bring together the right persons and pieces for the best in German Boxing and let the fanbase grow.  

Following german Dream Boxing Events are fixed as of April 4th to be broadcasted live on DAZN

May 13th Stadthalle Offenbach

May 20th Eisstadion Braunlage

May 27th Helios Arena Villingen-Schwenningen

June 24th MHP Arena Ludwigshafen

October 7th Ludwigsburg

October 21st Porsche Arena Stuttgart

December 16th Zirkus Karlsruhe

You can watch all events LIVE via PRIME FIGHT HD channel or on www.primefightplay.com

Dream Boxing is working on further Fight Nights in Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Japan and at the End of 2023 in Las Vegas

Are you interested to work with Dreamboxing or have further Questions or business inquiries please don´t hesitate to get in contact with the Dream Boxing, Headquarter

About Dream Boxing

Dream Boxing is one of the fastest growing and young Promotions in aim to catch up with the worlds leading promotions.

Dream Boxing is focussing to promote Fightcards with the best Young, promissing and upcoming Talents, headlined with prominent Veterans in the mainfights.

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