Jake Paul reveals terms for KSI grudge fight including life-changing winner-take-all purse

JAKE PAUL and KSI engaged in a public spat as the bitter YouTube rivals squabbled over terms to fight.

The sworn internet enemies are still feuding five years into their rivalry but with no date to settle the score in the ring.

Talks were progressing for the pair to meet in an end-of-year blockbuster, with Wembley among the options to host.

But those plans took a hit when Paul, 26, was beaten by Tommy Fury, 23, in February by split-decision.

They now look set to rematch in the summer despite KSI’s plea for the American to focus on their grudge match instead.

KSI, 29, now returns on May 13 against millionaire businessman-turned-9-0 boxer Joe Fournier, 40.

And he tweeted: “When I KO Joe Fournier, I will be the pound-for-pound best YouTube boxer. Yes above Jake Paul.”

It sparked a row between the pair, as Paul responded: “Hahaha. I’m your idol.

“So when you beat a guy whose last pro fight was over two years ago against a reggaeton singer that had never boxed in his life, you are the pound-for-pound best?!

“Or is because his fight before that was 6 years ago against a 1-11 “boxer”? Sham.”

Fournier beat musician Reykon, 36, on Paul’s undercard in April 2021 and last fought before that over six years ago against 1-12 Antonio Sanchez.

But KSI clapped back: “This is a lot of talk for someone that’s ducking me.”

Paul then proposed a winner-take-all purse if he is to accept KSI’s demand of a 180lb catchweight bout with a rehydration clause.

He said: “$30M to the winner, 0 to the loser if you want me to agree to your request of 180 pounds and rehydration clause. Agree to that and I’m in.”

Paul then added that if the stipulation is not met, he will change the fight weight by 5lb with NO limit to what he can weigh the next day.

He added: “You want me to come to London and fight at an unnatural weight with a rehydration clause then it’s all or nothing.

“Or be man take the fight without rehydration clauses. 185. 50/50.”

Paul challenged Fury to a similar double-or-nothing wager but the Love Islander never signed the official document.

KSI replied: “Ain’t no way I’m doing this deal cos you still ain’t paid up for your last deal with Tommy Fury after he slapped you up.”

To which Paul said: “There we go. You, your squirrel and your ‘partners’ don’t have the courage to put it all on the line in a contract and sign. Just like Tommy and his dad didn’t.”

The bad blood dates back to KSI’s 2019 win over Paul’s brother Logan, 27, following a draw between them the year prior.

KSI has since had three wins, taking his record to 5-1 in the ring although only his victory over Logan was professionally sanctioned.

But he told Paul: “I’m the A side so you do what I want. I’m undefeated, you’re not.

“If I want you to come to London, you come to London. 180 is perfect for you and me. Stop crying and sign.”

But Paul fired back: “You ain’t s***. You have 1 pro fight, a split decision against my brother.

“That’s the only ‘fight’ you have ever done that the masses cared about.

“I agreed to come to London so there is one less excuse for you to not take the fight. All yap and all cap is what you are.”

KSI finished the argument by laying down the gauntlet one final time in a bid to get the fight on.


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