Results for the KOK World Series from Tallinn, Estonia 07.05.2022

King of Kings returned to Tallinn, Estonia this past Saturday on FightBox HD to present a very memorable and hard-hitting night of action from the Tondiraba Ice Hall. The main event featured the first ever men’s European Bantamweight Championship fight between Marrko Moisar and Simon Santana. The two had fought previously in 2018 with Santana stopping Moisar with low kicks in round two. This time Moisar got his revenge and the belt as well. This was also the 100th KOK event. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Hero’s Series Results

Pro Wrestling Rules: Dylan Broda (CAN) def. TT Suosala (FIN) by pinfall

-65 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Stanislav Teniugin (EST) def. Benas Sorochovas (LT) by SD

-89 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Andreas Tavast (EST) def. Emil Linnas (FIN) by SD

-64 kg, Boxing Rules: Sigrid Kapanen (EST) def. Polina Golubeva (EST)

-75 kg, Marrko Sults (EST) def. Aleks Sabinin (EST) by TKO, 2nd rd

-59 kg, Ilona Wojda (PL) def. Maarja Okva (EST) by UD

KOK World Series Results

KOK Women’s European Bantamweight Title Fight, -60 kg, 3×3 min

Astrid Johanna Grents (EST) def. Miina Sirkeoja (FIN)

-95 kg, Boxing Rules: Mantas Janisius (LT) vs. Zhora XXL – Split Draw

-72 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Mindaugas Narauskas (LT) vs. Ott Remmer – DRAW (ex. rd)

-77 kg, Hendrik Themas def. Hubert Dylewski (PL) by SD

KOK Men’s European Bantamweight Title Fight, -60 kg, 5×3 min

Marrko Moisar (EST) def. Simon Santana (NO) by TKO, 3rd rd

With her victory over Miina Sirkeoja, Astrid Johanna Grents is now not only the KOK World Bantamweight Champion, but also the European Champion as well becoming the first woman to ever hold two titles simultaneously in King of Kings. The next KOK event will be Saturday June 4th in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia featuring the current KOK Interim Champion Martin Pacas

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