Jake Paul inserts $500,000 bonus in Tyron Woodley’s rematch contract to ‘squash’ wild no-knockout rumours

JAKE PAUL revealed the $500,000 bonus in Tyron Woodley’s rematch contract is to ‘squash’ wild no-knockout rumours.

Paul in August beat the ex-UFC champion over eight rounds by split-decision, but was forced to survive a scare in the fourth.

Conor McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis – a known internet troll – later claimed Woodley was contractually prohibited from scoring a KO.

Fellow fighters who have feuded with Paul, like women’s star Claressa Shields, also spread the conspiracy, without any evidence.

So to dispel the allegations, the YouTube star has now inserted a $500,000 (£375,000) bonus if Woodley KOs him in their rematch.

He said: “There’s been this rumour going around about a ‘no knockout’ clause in my contracts.

“Someone started it and everyone else ran with it. People are like sheep.

“They believe everything they read or see and they go which way the crowd is going.

“That’s been a rumour that’s completely untrue. I’d be in jail for rigging fights. That’s illegal.

“We just wanted to squash that rumour right away and from now on we’ll be giving bonuses to my opponents if they can knock me out.

“We want to incentivise them and prove to the media and the world that all of these rumours aren’t true.” 

Paul’s advisor Nakisa Bidarian added: “And to be clear, that’s contractual in Tyron’s agreement.

“There’s a contractual agreement that if he knocks out or TKOs Jake, he’ll get a $500,000 bonus payment.”

In Paul’s first three fights, he beat YouTuber ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson, 37, and retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, also 37.

But he then followed it up with an eight-round points win over Woodley, 39, in August.

Paul, 24, was set to fight Tommy Fury, 22, afterwards, until the British former reality TV star pulled out with a broken rib and chest infection.

Woodley then signed as a late replacement, setting up the anticipated rematch in Tampa, and claimed Paul put a ‘bounty’ on his own head.

He said: “S***, I’m completely all about taking that free money. I had plans on doing that anyway, but if he wants to entice me a little bit more.

“You don’t offer a kid from Ferguson half a bag to go out there and do what he wanted to do anyway. So it does put motivation.

“You don’t put a bounty on your own f***ing head and think I’m not going to take it.

“When you feel like you’re at a certain level, you feel like you’re at a certain point of your life and your career, you want the bag to match where you feel like you’re at, it’s just kind of a personal matter behind it.

“Definitely it’s additional motivation. You’ll see me walking away with another $500,000.”

Jake Paul inserts $500,000 bonus in Tyron Woodley’s rematch contract to ‘squash’ wild no-knockout rumours (thesun.co.uk)

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