KOK Summer Special Edition 2020: Results

The King of Kings promotion (KOK) held its annual Summer Special Edition event Sunday in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The multi-discipline fight card featured KOK Kickboxing matches plus a professional boxing main event, and one MMA bout held under Bushido ZST Rules.

2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Evaldas Petrauskas remained unbeaten with a unanimous decision over Poland’s Lukasz Lekzycki in the Dream Boxing main event.

Petrauskas worked behind the jab early to get close to the taller Lekzycki, and landed some hard punches to the body and head. Lekzycki appeared stunned a couple of times in round one.

Petrauskas scored a knockdown in round two, as a combination of body and head punches dropped the Pole to his knees.

The Lithuanian appeared to take his foot off the accelerator in the third round but finished strong to win a clear decision over the courageous Lekzycki.

“Good fight. Good opponent,” Petrauskas said, when asked by commentator Daniel Austin about his opinion on the match.

“Four rounds is good for us.”

“Nothing unexpected. Just a lot of punches,” he said when asked if Lekzycki’s kickboxing and Muay Thai background showed him any surprises in the boxing match.

“Get a belt in boxing,” he said, when asked about the next step in his career.

In the KOK Kickboxing co-main event, 19-year-old Vitas Karosas won a split decision against veteran Filip Rzondek.

Rugged Pole Denis Makowski posted his first victory in the KOK ring. Makowski’s pressure and work rate earned him a split decision over Latvia’s Pavel Mazurok.

Lithuanian teenager Lukas Banevicius remained unbeaten as a professional. The youngster, an underdog with Cbet.lt, used footwork and sharp technique to win a split decision against Daniel Szott.

Full results below. KOK is returning to Lithuania next month with an event on 26 September.

Sunday August 2, 2020
KOK Summer Special Edition
Kaunas, Lithuania
Promoter: King of Kings
Broadcasters: Fight Box HD, KOK Fights TV

Part 2
-65 kg (Dream Boxing): Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) def. Lukasz Lekzycki (Poland)-Unanimous Decision

-71 kg: Vitas Karosas (2-0, Lithuania) def. Filip Rzondek (12-9, Poland)-Split Decision

-60 kg: Oleg Moshin (15-5-1, Poland) DRAW Dovydas Levickis (3-0-1, Lithuania)

-85 kg: Linas Andrijauskas (1-0, Lithuania) def. Einars Goldberg (6-3, Latvia)-Decision

-75 kg: Denis Makowski (16-6, Belarus/Poland) def. Pavel Mazurok (3-4-1, Latvia)-Split Decision

-75 kg: Simonas Rackauskas (1-2-1, Lithuania) DRAW Hubert Dylewski (7-6-2, Poland)

-65 kg: Ernesta Kareckaite (3-0, Lithuania) def. Sigrid Kapanen (2-2, Estonia)-Unanimous Decision

Part I
-76 kg: Lukas Banevicius (4-0, Lithuania) def. Daniel Szott (6-4-1, Poland)-Split Decision

-67 kg: Eduards Mishin (8-5-1, Latvia) DRAW Samuelis Sorochovas (1-1-1, Lithuania)

-77 kg: Aitstis Matjosaitis (2-1, Lithuania) def. Armas Valukaitis (6-5, Lithuania)-Unanimous Decision

-61 kg: Mantas Rimsa (4-3-1, Lithuania) DRAW Airidas Mikalauskas (0-0-1, Lithuania)

-66 kg (Bushido ZST): Marius Sepulis (Lithuania) DRAW Ovidijus Bartusevicius (Lithuania)

-66 kg: Aleksandr Solovjov (1-0, Estonia) def. Benas Sorochovas (0-1, Lithuania-TKO Round 1 (Spinning Back Kick to the Body)

-70 kg: Vytautas Gostautas (3-1) def. Erikas Bagurskas (0-1)-TKO Round 2 (Knee)

Source- https://kickboxingz.com/kok-sse-2020-kaunas-kickboxing-results?fbclid=IwAR37cD1U5hcoRvVxKPR-OXmCjJ-0tdmzAaMO3rKx7uyx3SAGuUamqJMhSMA

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