KOK Updates Championship Rules

The King of Kings organisation (KOK) made some changes to its rules regulating championship bouts and contender rankings. Here are some key changes.

Title Fights at Every Numbered Event

A title fight is to be held at every KOK numbered event (ie KOK 84, 85, 86). The title fight requirement doesn’t apply to KOK Fight Series events, which showcase up-and-coming fighters.

If a KOK World Title bout is not scheduled, a European or interim title fight will take place.

Champions Required to Defend

All reigning champions (KOK World Champions, KOK European Champions, and Interim Champions) are required to defend their titles a minimum of once per year. If a champion fails to defend their title, the belt will be vacated or an interim title bout will be held.

KOK World Champions are required to defend their title every time they compete at KOK events. This means the world champion is not allowed to fight in non-title bouts from now on.

KOK European Titles are designed for up-and-coming fighters to gain experience and progress to world title level. When a European champion challenges for the KOK World Title, the European belt becomes vacant.

If a KOK World Champion signs an exclusive contract with another promotion, he or she will be stripped of the belt. The title becomes vacant.

Contender Rankings

The KOK rankings are based on a fighter’s overall record and his record in KOK competition.

KOK World Title challengers must be either ranked in the top 5 in the weight category, a WGP tournament winner, or the winner of a “contender fight” (title elimination bout). In order to participate in a contender fight, the fighter must already be ranked in the top ten.

Any fighter with a top ten ranking is eligible to challenge for the KOK European Title.

A WGP tournament winner automatically earns a top-ten ranking. A fighter does not have to be ranked in the top ten to participate in a WGP tournament.

An inactive fighter (doesn’t compete in a KOK event for one year) will be removed from the rankings.

Women’s Divisions Expanded

Some of the best KOK fights take place in the promotion’s women’s divisions. The promotion has now established three weight categories for female kickboxers: -48 kg, -52 kg, and -61 kg.

With the new weight divisions, KOK is one of the few major promotions with three weight categories for female competitors.

Source- https://kickboxingz.com/kok-updates-championship-rules?fbclid=IwAR0UZ_oiJjzHjqmneHGaK95-xt3_c79FBZvqI6Gn0Efwxvpxtt-v-JW3RB4

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