Women’s Bushido Rin Debut Event, May 23

Next month, Saturday, May 23, fight fans can look forward to the launch of an intriguing new fight organization. “Women’s Bushido Rin” is to feature a blend of unique rules poised somewhere between regular mixed martial arts, Ganryujima, and pro wrestling.

Bouts will comprise of a single round of 10 minutes (5 minutes for undercard) and take place on a circular mat. Gi jackets of optional sleeve length shall be worn over spats or shorts and standard fingerless MMA gloves will be used.

Matches start on the feet and will allow punches, knees, and kicks while standing. Elbows will be prohibited. Takedowns and throws will be permitted provided they do not spike or drop opponents on to their heads. A 10-second standing count will be in place for a knockdown unless a fighter decides to follow a downed opponent to the mat. When combatants hit the mat, a 30-second time limit will be imposed and strikes to the head of any kind on the ground are forbidden.

Women’s Bushido Rin offers a variety of ways to win a bout. A knockdown where the opponent fails to beat the 10 count will ensure victory, as will a clean KO finish. On the ground, a submission that leads to a tap out or doctor stoppage can also end a match. Unlike standard MMA rules, participants can also secure a win by driving or throwing their opponent out of the fight area 10 times (5 times for 5-minute matches). Finally, pinning both shoulders to the mat for 3 seconds will also guarantee getting hand raised.

The debut Women’s Bushido Rin show will be spearheaded by female fighters from “Team Date” as they face participants from a variety of other styles. The line up so far:

Special tag team match, 70kg (15 minutes x1R)
Nao Date vs Yuiga (Pro Wrestling)
Nori Date vs Yuko Hayashi (Judo)

Single match, 45kg
Hana Date vs Yayoi Inoue (Kickboxing)

Single match, 55kg
Karen Date vs Melty Kira (Fighting Hostess)

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